Community Wildlife Habitat

Nationally recognized Greenspace

In 2010, The Galena Territory was designated the 46th National Wildlife Federation Community Wildlife Habitat, the first in the tri-state area. This accomplishment recognizes the consistent commitment property owners to preserving and enhancing its natural areas.

The honor is unique and requires several components, including habitat certification, education and community projects. Efforts to preserve Greenspace include animal surveys and management, habitat restoration, woodland management and a volunteer-based Stewardship Program.

Habitat restoration involves invasive plant management, native plant and seed installation, seed harvesting and prescribed burning. The purpose is to mimic the natural processes that defined plant communities historically found in The Galena Territory.


Woodland management projects are focused on creating canopy gaps to allow more light to reach the ground. This will improve the herbaceous plant layer and increase oak regeneration. Thirty-five sites have been identified for further investigation and prioritization.

The volunteer-based Stewardship Program focuses on preserving and enhancing Greenspace tracts. Property owners can request to perform maintenance – stewardship – on a tract adjacent or special to them by submitting a proposal. Work may include removing invasive species, installing native seed or plants, reducing erosion and releasing oak and hickory trees from competition from other woody species.

Property owners themselves play an integral role in ongoing Greenspace stewardship, including seeding and planting specific flora on their property. The GTA Advisory Group, consisting of GTA staff and property owners, holds several events during the year to encourage Greenspace education such as Farmers and Holiday markets, Farm-To-Table dinner, roadside cleanups, guided trail walks, and more.