Recycle or donate your unwanted items

Read/Download Mount Hope Refuse Center Guidelines
The GTA encourages members to recycle at home and while visiting its many amenities. Recycling containers are available at all GTA facilities. Two large-scale refuse sites are available at Mount Hope Road and Brodrecht Road. While recycling is available at both locations, Mount Hope is a full-service recycling center. The Mount Hope site has two large, recycling containers to recycle paper, plastic containers, aluminum and tin containers. Bagged garbage should be placed in the receiver of the compactor. Owner Services at 815-777-2000 or Montgomery Trucking at 815-777-0672 can pick up these items from your home for a fee, or you can bring them down to the Mount Hope site by yourself. Lights have been installed to help you use the center after dark, particularly in the winter.

1. Sorting of recyclables is not required.
2. All items must be loose.
3. Plastic, aluminum and tin must be clean.
4. Do not bundle newspapers and magazines.
5. Items not accepted: Glass of any kind, hardcover books, Styrofoam, oil containers, aerosol cans and paint cans.

Cardboard only
• Must be empty and flattened
• Packing supplies must be placed in the compactor

No other wastes, such as that generated from landscaping or construction, can be deposited in any of the Association-owned refuse sites. These facilities are for property owners and their guests only. Please be prepared to present a GTA proximity card or GTA daily pass upon request.

Townhouse and condominium satellite association refuse sites

Townhouse and condominium satellite associations have their own collection sites, which are for exclusive use by their members. Please do not use these sites unless you are a member of that association.

Curbside pick-up

There is no regularly scheduled curbside pick-up in The Territory. You may make private arrangements with Montgomery Trucking by calling 815-777-0672. If you have questions regarding refuse collection in The Galena Territory, please contact the GTA Administrative office at 815-777-2000.

Household Hazardous Waste

The Galena Territory Association has scheduled a household hazardous waste collection for Saturday, Oct. 12, 2019 in the parking lot of The Territory’s Marina, at the end of Marina Drive. This collection is open to all residents of Jo Daviess County. The collection area will be available from 9 a.m. until noon; there is no charge for the collection. Household hazardous waste consists of products used around the home that contain ingredients which may harm people and the environment when stored or disposed of improperly. These products are usually labeled “caution” or “warning.” Waste from schools, businesses or farms will not be accepted. Typical products accepted include, but are not limited to:
  • Cleaners: floor and furniture polishes, oven cleaner, drain opener, disinfectants and rug cleaners.
  • Home Improvement: oil-based paint, stain, thinner, stripper, varnish, caulk and adhesives.
  • Pesticides/Herbicides: garden chemicals, insect repellant, mouse/rat poison, pet spray and mothballs.
  • Automotive: gasoline, wiper fluid, car wax, cleaners, solvents, brake fluid and body putty.
  • Other: pool chemicals, photo processing chemicals, artist paints and household batteries.
ITEMS NOT ACCEPTED: latex paint, motor oil, lead-acid batteries and antifreeze
   For more information please contact GTA Natural Resources Manager Emily Lubcke at 815-777-2000.

Here are two lists.

1) There are many organizations in the area to help those less fortunate that would appreciate your donation. Some require drop-off. Some will schedule pick-up at your home.
2) Do you have many items to recycle. Please read below to find locations in the area to take them.