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The Association offers several programs to assist property owners with their homes within The Galena Territory.

Home Security Programs

The Key Retention Program suited for homeowners who may require contractors, suppliers, etc., to enter their home when they are not available. Just fill out the form and let us know when someone has permission to pick up the key. It's secure. It's simple. And it is convenient.

The GTA Security can watch your home when you aren't in The Territory. A simple strobe light set in the window can alert staff when your home is dropping below 40 degrees and in danger of causing problems. The Heat Light Program is one option to monitor your home for furnace failures during the winter season. This simple system is very effective in protecting your home from damage due to furnace failure or gas supply problems. You simply fill out an application, install the equipment purchased from the GTA, and provide the GTA Administrative office with a key to your home.

For members who are not able to spend time in The Territory as often as they wish, the GTA’s Security department can visually inspect your home in your absence. A Security officer will check the exterior of your home to make sure that all windows and doors are intact and secure. The officer will then check the interior of the home to make sure everything is secure, the furnace is working, water is shut off and there are no visible signs of a problem.

Home Maintenance Programs

Maintenance Services is available to perform both interior and exterior work on your home in The Territory. Our onsite staff members are professional, bonded and insured, and ready to assist you. Some of the services provided include, but are not limited to:
Exterior house/deck power washing
Exterior/interior painting and staining
Deck sealing
Screen repair/replacement
Septic filter cleaning/maintenance
Furniture moving
Hauling/disposal of electronics
  Exterior/interior window washing
Spring clean up; tree pruning
Lawn mowing
Fall clean up; gutter cleaning
Minor construction/repair projects
Cross-town large item pick-ups
Holiday decorations: set-up and removal
  Small tree removal
Mulch delivery/spreading
Snow plowing (most Territory driveways $23)
Driveway snow plow markers; set-up & removal 
Woodpecker hole repair
Hauling/disposal of bulk items
Mailbox/post installation

Architectural Compliance

Architectural Compliance works in tandem with the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) to ensure that any improvements or changes in the properties will be  in harmony with the natural setting of the area. It is the mission and assigned duty of the ARC to preserve the inviting appearance of The Galena Territory as a single-family community by administering architectural standards for the design of new and modified homes; to protect the environment (trees, ground water, dark skies, etc.) and to protect and enhance the property values of all homes and structures.

New Home Requirements
If you are planning on building a new home, you must attend ARC’s Orientation Program before building plans can be submitted for approval. Please call the Architectural Review Office (815-777-2000) to schedule an appointment with Jason Kevern. The guidelines and procedures will be reviewed along with the approved samples of roofing materials, exterior colors, lighting instruments and the required criteria for submitting plans for approval.

Remodeling Requirements
If you are looking at remodeling an existing structure you should contact the Architectural Review Office. From changing colors, windows or outdoor light fixtures, to adding decks, garages or driveways, please call first to ensure your project is approved and proceeds smoothly.

LP Gas Purchasing Co-op Program
The Galena Territory Association has a propane gas-purchasing cooperative among those members who have propane-burning furnaces. It is an optional program, but today more than two-thirds of eligible homeowners participate in the cooperative. The GTA has a multi-year agreement with Ferrellgas. There is no fee for participating in this program. For more information, please contact Ferrellgas directly at 800-392-8526.

Tree Cutting
Call before you cut. The removal of trees (dead or alive) larger than four inches in diameter (as measured by nursery caliper one foot off the ground), requires the approval of the GTA’s Natural Resources Manager Emily Lubcke. Also, the pruning of trees larger than four inches in diameter is limited to the following: limbs may be pruned to eliminate undesirable branches consistent with established practice for the individual species; complete removal of branches from ground level cannot exceed eight feet in height, and dead limbs may be removed. Unauthorized cutting down/removal or pruning of trees will result in a substantial fine.