The Territory Times is the monthly publication for members of The Galena Territory Association, Inc. and is focused on: 
1. Sharing news and updates regarding the business activities, decisions and management of the Association in support of the GTA’s mission statement: "The Galena Territory Association is the property owners’ association that harnesses our resources to make The Galena Territory a great place to live and visit."
2. Fulfilling the legal notification requirements of the Association as referenced in the GTA’s governing documents.  
3. Providing information on events and activities of interest to the majority of property owners, including events inside The Territory and events from the neighboring communities immediately outside The Territory. 
In a recent member survey, 98.6% of respondents identified the Territory Times as their primary source of information about The Galena Territory. 
  Discover The Galena Territory: Home of Eagle Ridge Resort & Spa is a marketing tool designed for the general public. The Galena Territory Association publishes Discover in Spring and Fall. It is used to promote and introduce The Galena Territory to visitors to the Galena area. Discover is a guide for guests during their stay and distributed by Eagle Ridge. Read/Download the current Discover.
  The Territory Times Answer Book is published in May each year for members of The Galena Territory Association, Inc. (GTA). This magazine is filled with information on all the GTA's amenities, details GTA programs and services available to property owners, highlights member involvement in the management of the Association, and recognizes the volunteers who support their community. Read/Download Current Answer Book.

  The Galena Territory Calendar highlights the major social events of the year for property owners of The Galena Territory. It also showcases the winning entries in the Association's annual photography contest for property owners. There is a new theme each year. Read/Download Current Calendar
Electronic files from June 2006 to the current month are available by contacting the Administrative Office at 815-777-2000 or email.

To advertise in any of our publications, please contact:

 Chuck Spielman, Advertising
Sales Representative
563-588-6005 or
PO Box 688, Dubuque, IA 52004-0688