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Welcome to The Galena Territory!

On behalf of the more than 4,000 property owners in The Galena Territory, I would like to welcome you to our beautiful area. The Territory is a 6,800-acre semi-private residential and recreational lake community located 6 miles southeast of the historic city of Galena. Nestled near the center of The Territory is Eagle Ridge Resort & Spa, known for its 63 holes of championship golf and open to the general public. The Shenandoah Riding Center, also open to the general public, is a first-rate equine facility with a top caliber staff. Its location in The Territory makes it unrivaled for scenic trails and tranquil beauty.

For the benefit of our property owners, their friends, family members and guests, The Galena Territory Association, Inc. (GTA) has set aside 1,900 acres of protected recreational land, providing facilities and amenities that include hiking trails, Lake Galena, a marina complex, and a Pool/Recreation complex.

In order for you to make the most of your time spent in The Galena Territory, we're providing guest information here on our website. You can access and download pdfs right from this page that provide a quick guide to the GTA's public and private amenities. Abiding by a few of our general rules will make your stay as safe and pleasant as possible.

Thanks in advance for taking the time to review our rules and reminders. I hope you have a pleasant and memorable visit to The Galena Territory!

Joe Mattingley, CEO
The Galena Territory Association, Inc.

General Rules and Reminders for Guests Visiting The Galena Territory 
To make the time you spend in The Galena Territory most enjoyable, please take a moment to review the following general rules and reminders regarding use of the facilities and amenities owned by The Galena Territory Association, Inc. (GTA) 

1. The Galena Territory is primarily a residential community. As a courtesy to fellow property owners and guests, please control noise levels; excessive noise is prohibited. 
2. Property owners and guests are expected to keep The Galena Territory free of refuse and litter. 
3. Camping is prohibited in The Galena Territory. 
4. No firearms or unauthorized fireworks may be discharged within The Galena Territory. 
5. Pets must be securely confined, leashed or under control of the owner at all times. Pets are not allowed in GTA facilities and cannot be tied to fences outside GTA facilities. 
6. GTA private facilities and amenities are for the use and enjoyment of property owners and their guests to maintain the Association’s tax-exempt status. These common private properties include: 
• Lake Galena 
• The Marina complex on the northeast shore of Lake Galena 
• Thunder Bay Falls Park on the west shore of Lake Galena 
• 24 miles of hiking trails located throughout The Galena Territory on GTA Greenspace 
• The Owners’ Club complex 
7. Access to the above list of GTA facilities and amenities requires the use of a GTA proximity card or a temporary guest pass (one per person for everyone five years of age and older.) 
8. As a courtesy to fellow property owners and guests, please limit use and share the GTA facility if demand is heavy. 
9. The Shenandoah Riding Center – owned by the GTA and leased to a third-party – is the only GTA amenity open to the general public. Property owners receive discounts by presenting their GTA proximity cards. 

Vehicle and Traffic Regulations
1. All vehicles owned by property owners or guests must display a GTA vehicle sticker or temporary vehicle pass when parking on or near the common properties owned by the GTA.
2. The use of off-road vehicles, all-terrain cycles, mini-bikes, snowmobiles, etc. are prohibited on the GTA’s protected Greenspace and Trail System.
3. The Galena Territory is a residential and rural area and drivers should keep this in mind while operating a motor vehicle in The Territory. Watch for walkers and bikers as you round the curves in the road, and while we know the scenery is beautiful, it’s best to keep your eyes on the road.

Marina / Lake Galena
1. Swimming is prohibited in Lake Galena and below the spillway area at Thunder Bay Falls Park.
2. Fishing is permitted from the shoreline, the fishing pier and at Thunder Bay Falls Park. Fishing is prohibited from the docks at the Marina and from the lake spillway. An Illinois State Fishing License is required and can be purchased at the Marina or online at
3. Only boats owned, registered, and titled by property owners are allowed on Lake Galena. Guest boats are not allowed.
4. The waters of Lake Galena are under the jurisdiction of the State of Illinois, Department of Natural Resources (IDNR). Property Owners/Guests may be fined by the IDNR Patrol Officers if they are not in compliance with state fishing and boating statutes.

Tennis Courts at the Owners’ Club and Marina Complex
1. Please reserve your court time by registering in person or by phone at the Owners’ Club for the Owners’ Club tennis courts (815-777-2000) and at the Marina for the Marina tennis courts (815-777-2012.) Please limit use and share the facility when demand is heavy.
2. Skateboarding, rollerblading and skating are prohibited on the tennis courts.

Please note that certain rule violations are subject to fines, and that these rules are subject to change without notice. While this represents a quick overview of the GTA’s Rules and Regulations, a link is available at the right to the complete list. 

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