GTA Governing Documents
and Applicable State Statutes

    The Galena Territory Association is governed by four controlling documents which make the community a safe and enjoyable place to live or visit. These documents include:
  1. The General Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions which are part of every member's property deed, including the Supplemental Declarations for each subdivision. Declarations can be modified every ten years by vote of the membership.
  2. The Association's Bylaws which can be changed annually by vote of the membership.
  3. The Architectural Review Guidelines expand upon the architectural standards established in the Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions.
  4. The Association's Rules and Regulations which can be changed at the discretion of the Board of Directors.
    The combination of these documents have been established to promote reasonable order as well as maintain reasonable use of the common properties, also known as amenities.
    The documents are intended to help members understand the goals of The Galena Territory and to promote The Galena Territory as a private residential and recreational community.
    It is hoped that these governing documents are accepted in a spirit of common sense and reason, together with the respect for one's neighbors and their property as the primary requisites to make The Galena Territory an enjoyable place to live and play.

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