Richard Peterson EMT Endowment Fund 

   Our friend Rich Peterson was an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). He spent that part of his time helping people in distress and saving lives. We lost Rich after his valiant battle with cancer. His contributions to our community were many and he touched so many lives. In honor of his memory, we encourage others like him to serve as EMTs.
  The Galena Territory Foundation and the Peterson family established the Richard Peterson EMT Endowment Fund to help people who have been accepted as Emergency Medical Service or fire department members serving in the Scales Mound Fire Protection District and/or the Galena Area Emergency Medical Services District (Galena Ambulance Service) or those in these two districts who wish to advance their EMT service level.
   Scales Mound Fire Protection District and the Galena Area Emergency Medical Services District EMT personnel act as first responders, the first “layer” of response for the citizens in their district. They are often the first emergency personnel who walk through your door and arrive on the emergency scene. 
   Galena Area EMS is the transport and treatment side of the equation. They arrive with the ambulance, render additional emergency treatment and transport to the hospital.
   To encourage certification in EMT training and to help cover the costs, we have established this fund to assist individuals in the Scales Mound Fire Protection District and the Galena Area Emergency Medical Services District in pursuit of higher levels of education toward certification as EMT personnel in these Districts. 
   Our mission is to encourage others like Richard Peterson to serve as EMTs.
   The success of our EMS District community depends on increasing participation in EMS education toward Certification in the First Responder, EMT-Basic, EMT-Intermediate, and EMT-Paramedic levels. Our mission is to encourage others like Richard Peterson to serve as Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs).
   We encourage each applicant to remain committed to and involved in the community. The future of our community is based on the participation we can all offer. We wish you well in your future involvement in our community.
   If you have ever thought about becoming a First Responder or Emergency Medical Technician, please call Tom Winter 1-815-541-4039 (Galena Ambulance) or Ron Data 815-747-3943 (Menominee-Dunleith EMS) to learn when and where training sessions will be scheduled and how to get started.
   To be considered for financial assistance from the Richard Peterson EMT Endowment Fund, the applicant must be 18 years of age or older and serve in / commit to serve in:
1. Either the Scales Mound Fire Protection District or the Galena Area Emergency Medical Services District service area; and,
2. Submit a First Responder / EMT Agreement Education Funding Request Application form.

Submit your completed Education Funding Request Application to:
First Responder Applications
Carl Winter, Chief
Scales Mound Fire Protection District
130 Franklin Street
Scales Mound, IL 61075
EMT Applications
Tom Winter
Galena Area EMS District
217 Summit Street
Galena, IL 61036 
OR Ron Data
Menominee-Dunleith EMS
201 Thomas Avenue
East Dubuque, IL 61025 

Be a person who makes a difference!

For more information about the Richard Peterson EMT Scholarship program, contact:
Pete Stryker

John Raaz
Carl Winter
cell 815-297-3669

Fran Peterson

Lisa Binder
Tom Winter
cell 815-541-4039
Claire Bersbach
      Ron Data

Thank you to each applicant!

  If becoming an EMT is not your vision, you can still contribute by making a donation to The Richard Peterson EMT Endowment Fund. Your financial assistance helps cover the expenses of EMT education and training for our responders.  
  Please make your check  payable to GTF, Inc. (The Galena Territory Foundation, Inc.) On the memo line, please write: EMT Fund. Mail to: The Galena Territory, 2000 Territory Drive, Galena, IL 61036.
   Thank you for your generous support! Your contribution is tax deductible.
Oversight of the EMT Endowment Fund is provided by The Galena Territory Foundation, Inc., 501(c)(3) a not‒for‒profit charitable organization that provides education‒based and fundraising activities for the benefit of the local community.