Lake Galena Bass Club

Are you interested in some friendly competition between some other dedicated bass fishermen? The competition will run throughout the season with prizes and trophies awarded to the most skilled competitors. The club will get together several times throughout the summer to share some stories, break some bread and monitor progress. For more information or to join the club send Steve Birkbeck an e-mail.

Participation Requirements:
1. There will be a fee of $50 to join the Club. Here are the items you will receive for this fee.
a. An AMW-SR-20 yellow digital hanging electronic scale and a lipping tool.
b. Trophies and other prizes for the most successful competitors.
c. Food and beverage at several gatherings.
d. Creel and participation sheets. Read/Download Creel form.
e. A copy of the club rules.
2. Club competition rules
a. You can pick any four days throughout each calendar month to compete. 
b. Contest will run April through September each year.
c. Contestants daily creel will consist of the heaviest 6 fish caught during that day.
d. Contestants monthly creel will consist of the heaviest 6 fish, of the 24 fish recorded.
e. The top 3 contestants each month will qualify for the Grand Prize Tournament in October.
f. All fish will be weighed with the AMW-SR-20 yellow digital hanging scale provided. 
g. All fish will be recorded to the nearest 1/10 of a pound.
h. All fish recorded will be Large or Small Mouth Bass only.
i. Contestants may choose to use live bait on the fourth day of competition, and only the fourth day of competition each month.
j. The “Big Bass” will be recorded every month, from this group a “Big Bass” winner will be chosen for the year.
3. Other items of interest
a. Club Gear: Hats, jackets, and shirts for members and a special jacket for the seasons best fisherman.
b. Club Gatherings: Organizational meetings throughout the winter. 
i. Lunch mid-summer to check progress.
ii. Lunch end of September to announce Grand Prize Competitors. 
iii. Awards meal in November to announce season champion and Big Bass winner.
c. Lure Exchange: Walk it, pop it, drop it, or flip it. Share a lure and see if another club member has the same (or better) luck than you had.
d. Story Exchange: Well, we all know where this can lead!
e. Lake Share: Team up with Apple Canyon members for a tournament here and there.
f. Team Tournament: Let’s pick a date.
g. Family Tournament: Let’s pick a date.