Greenspace & Trail System

The private trails are open only to property owners, their guests and guests of Eagle Ridge Resort & Spa

More than 1,700 acres of Greenspace (open spaces) scattered throughout The Territory are maintained as natural habitat and protected from future development, including the 7.5 mile shoreline of Lake Galena. Wild turkey, white tailed deer and red fox are frequently seen, along with hawks and eagles soaring overhead. Woods and meadows are lush with grasses, flowers, ferns, shrubs and trees May through October. With 24 miles of trails winding through Greenspace, hikers can spend a day enjoying the serenity and solitude that only nature can provide. 

The trails closest to Eagle Ridge Resort & Spa are paved and suitable for jogging, power walking and other activities that require sure footing. Some of these trails also have lookout platforms for beautiful panoramas of Lake Galena and the countryside. 

The majority of the trails are natural and not paved. They are rugged and sometimes wet and slippery depending on prevailing weather conditions. However, that just adds to their charm! Hiking and horseback riding are two of the most popular pastimes here and can be enjoyed year-round. Although the trails are not groomed for cross-country skiing, Association members and their guests can break their own trails and discover the beauty and winter solitude of The Galena Territory.
Access Requirements
  • Greenspace and Trails are owned, managed and maintained by The Galena Territory Association (GTA).
  • Trail maps are available at the GTA Owners' Club Administrative office during normal business hours (8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Saturday).
  • The trails are open year-round for property owners and their guests, and guests staying at Eagle Ridge Inn.
  • A GTA proximity card or guest pass is required (one per each visitor older than five years of age).
  • Trails are patrolled by GTA Security.